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Meet our Therapists


Please note that all practitioners/therapists are sole providers and are not employed by the Shift Center.


Everyone here collaborates together and with community providers for the wellbeing of each client and thier needs.


Services provided should never replace that of your physician.



Kriz Retsema, BCTMB, CLT, CST

The Shift Center - Owner and Therapist (620) 290-0507 By Appointment Only 


“Kriztine Retsema is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.” Provider #1067


Grant Award - WHEE 2011

Kriz graduated from the Kansas Massage Institute in 2004. She has been a professional member of the National Certification Board of Theraputic Massage and Bodywork Therapists (NCBTMB) for over 10 years with well over 1500 hours of training to date. Her training has not stopped, Kriz specializes in Onclolgy Integrative Care Therapies, Newborn/Pediatric and Adult CranioSacral Therapy, Medical Massage, & Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Kriz has worked w/ oncology clients for over 15 years and loves her work. Kriz also has training in Somato Emotional Release Therapy, Spontaneous Muscle Release Techniques (SMRT) and is a Reiki Practitioner - Master/Instructor, these light touch non-invasive therapies work well with standard medical care, in treating those with serious medical conditions.Relieving stress, soft tissue issues, anxiety, pain, nausea, depression and more. Her love for this profession shows as her clients will attest. The Shift Center and her work have provided over $25,000 in free or discounted direct client services in just the last 6 years, for client/survivors who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or have completed thier treatments, and those in need. Kriz works with infants, children, woman, & men. You do not have to have a medical condition to see her.

Kathy Haxton

Grow Our Glow, Owner

(620) 214-4997


Visiting Meditation Instructor, Intuitive Reader, Reiki III

By Appointment Only

I interpret the pictures I see in other's energy. Since I was a child I've known of events before they happened, especially when a loved one was involved. I'm learning to trust what I see and share this information with those who are interested.


Once a client has contacted me, I begin a meditation for them and draw out their message. Then we meet or I'll email the picture and I will interpret the drawing. I've also done cold readings that have provided validation and direction for those seeking answers.


My Reiki practice has relieved me from the pain of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, allowing me to avoid daily pain and costly medication. I've used this method of deep relaxation and energy balancing to help clients who struggle with MS, cancer, nightmares, paralysis and the effects of stroke as well as those who need assistance with getting to sleep or releasing stress.


Since going through several past life regression sessions, reading books on the subject and discovering names, places and validation of my past lives on this earth my interest in this field has increased and led me to learn how to help others discover their past journeys.




Other local area therapists - not affiliated with the Shift Center

In a pinch, no openings, this is our referral list for those who are needing same day appointments. Click here for the link to other therapists in our area.


We encourage clients to book in advance, we often have a wait list for appointments. Our motto is "you can always cancel (24 hours in advance) and make someone elses day, much easier than getting in on the day/week you call". 

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