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Somato-Emotional Release (SER) & Rates


$85 - $125 - $170       60/90/120 minutes


This therapeutic process is done by expanding the CranioSacral (CST) protocol to include a dialog with your body's inner physician. 


Somato-Emotional Release (SER) broken down into simple terms: Somato relates to the body, Emotional relates to emotion, Release relates to the letting go of something.


So what does this mean?

Sometimes things happen in life, present or past, a physical accident, an emotional upset, a great loss whether it is a death or divorce. These things can cause pain in the body from holding feelings that are associated with whatever the trauma may have been.


Sometimes it is an issue you are having trouble dealing with or a feeling; 


Several examples of issues or feelings that SER may help you with:


  • Annoyed                

  • Inadequate

  • Resentful

  • Sad, for seemingly no reason

  • Bitter

  • Not good enough

  • Shame

  • Insecure


Brief Session Example**:  

Having trouble with feeling not good enough, yet you realize you are good enough, but still cannot shake this feeling especially at work (or in some other situation).

During your CST session you remember a time when you tripped and fell during a class and the teacher made some snide comment and your peers laughed and made fun of you.


  • Then you remember another time when you felt this way, and as you remember you become aware that your knee hurts and has always bothered you especially during times of stress.

  • You realize this is the knee you banged up when you fell that first time.

  • You realize at work there is someone who triggers this feeling, now you remember where that feeling came from.

  • Now, as the observer looking back at this old event you can connect the triggers throughout the years that have past. 

  • Your knee starts to feel better (for some odd reason) and you are now looking forward to going to work, (curious if that feeling of "not good enough" is still there). 

  • This particular client calls his/her SER/CST practitioner a couple of days later and is so happy that the feelings of "not good enough" have dissipated to almost nothing.

  • When the feeling creeps back in (as old habits can be hard to let go) the client reports saying to him/herself "you are better than just good enough little one, you are!" and the feeling just dissipates to nothingness.

  • A week later the client also reports having an improved relationship with the co-worker who triggered the feelings.



What is happening? 

  • Your body, mind and emotions are coming together,

  • You are realizing a time that has stayed with you on a physical and emotional level that you had buried and forgotten.

  • By remembering in a safe space, you can let go of those feelings that may have originated when you were 12 and repeated during times that triggered those feelings,

  • By letting go, or just recognizing the emotional component can be enough to let your body now self-correct.


** This brief client session example is a combination of several client stories so as not to be recognizable to the clients' families or friends. 


Tissues, muscles, organs and cells have memory, even if we have forgotten or written off the accident, trauma or hurtful event our bodies still remember certain smells, comments, people, or instances trigger that buried memory at the emotional and physical/body level. 


During your session you do not have to share the event or issue with your therapist. Your therapist can feel the changes happening in the tissue of the body. Your therapist may ask questions to help facilitate the session and healing process that said the answers do not have to be spoken.


For more information and informative videos: Click Here


Clients are fully clothed during a session. 



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