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Reiki Shares 


A wonderful aspect about Reiki is the spirit of sharing it promotes among practitioners. You can share Reiki by sending Reiki to others in need, treating someone personally, or by receiving a group Reiki treatment for yourself. 


For Guests:

A Reiki share usually consists of several Reiki practitioners working on one individual at a time. The person receiving Reiki is fully clothed and lying on a massage table or sitting, the Reiki practitioners gather around the person and provide a Reiki treatment. These sessions are performed in silence, and only Reiki is practiced during a Reiki share. Group Reiki sessions are often stronger and can be deeper than individual sessions. It is a marvelous and often profound experience!


Depending on the number of practitioners (4 or more) a guest treatment will be 10 to 20 minutes. 


If you would like to be a guest and experience Reiki for yourself please call in advance as space is limited.


Have not had a Reiki Class and are just curious, as a guest you can experience this loving light touch therapy.

Call in advance to make an appointment.


Guests are welcome to receive a treatment by appointment ONLY - 2 locations


Garden City, KS - Guests are welcome after 7pm - Contact Kriz for dates & appt. times at 620-290-0507


Atwood, KS - Contact Annette for dates & appt. times at 785-626-0161


Curious and want more information, there are several links below to check out. 

New York Presbyterian Hospital - Video  -  Life Spark Cancer Resources   -   -  More Info Here 



For Practitioners:

If you would like to develop your skills, and meet like-minded people, then come and join one of our weekly or monthly Reiki Practitioner Sharing Groups or become involved in our community outreach activities. All Reiki lineages and levels are accepted. You must have taken at least a Reiki 1 certification class. Please bring a copy of your Reiki certificate if you are new to the local community.

Usui/Hayashi/Takata Reiki is practiced, using hand positions taught by Hawayo Takata


At a Reiki Share we trade sessions, tips, and Reiki stories with other practitioners. It's a great opportunity to discuss questions about your practice with other practitioners and several Certified Reiki Master/Teachers, gain experience, knowledge and support for all stages of your Reiki journey!


Contact Kriz for Garden City, KS Shares - 620-290-0507   --   Contact Annette for Atwood, KS Shares - 785-626-0161



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