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“Kriztine Retsema is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)

as a continuing education Approved Provider.” - Provider #1067


At The Shift Center, complementary or integrative health and

wellness services supplement traditional medical treatments.


Reiki therapy may supplement traditional treatment services, such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Reiki may offer patients ways to enhance the quality of their lives, minimize or reduce stress, anxiety, the side effects of cancer treatments or other medical treatments, Reiki promotes healing and recovery.


Reiki is a gentle, completely non-invasive practice that promotes balance and well-being. Reiki involves light touch of the practitioner’s hands on or slightly above the client's body. The intent is to realign and strengthen the flow of energy, tamping down the sympathetic response (fight or flight) and promoting the parasympathetic (calm or restorative) response, thereby decreasing pain from cancer or other medical treatments, easing muscle tension, speeding healing, improving sleep and generally enhancing the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki is NOT a "laying on of hands" in the church/religious context.

Reiki does NOT replace standard medical care.


A great resource - Pamela Miles has helped to bring Reiki into research, and medical settings. Her website is an awesome resource if you are interested check out her website - CLICK HERE.


Reiki sessions are usually between 45 minutes and one hour - longer if indicated.  Most clients find that lying down on their back or side on a massage table is the most relaxing and optimum way to receive Reiki, you may also be seated if this is more comfortable.  

This therapy is always performed fully clothed.


There are many types of Reiki, here at the Shift Center we teach

and use the original Usui, Hayashi Reiki techniques that were brought to

the U.S. by Mrs. Hawayo Takata.


For our Colorado oncology clients we refer them to the Life Spark Now website for locations, where they may receive Reiki and/or Healing Touch sessions in the Denver, Colorado Springs & Boulder areas. 


Reiki Benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Increase relaxation

  • Relieve stress

  • Promote feelings of peace, wellness and balance

  • Energize and rejuvenate the mind and body


  • Relieve pain and discomfort

  • Relieve some of the side effects of cancer treatment

  • Bring additional nurturing and support to the treatment visit

  • Create a calm and positive environment



Usui Reiki Training Lineage for Advanced and Master Practitioners at the Shift Center


Mikau Usui 

         Dr. Chujiro Hayashi 

                          Hawayo Takata,

                                      Barbara Weber Ray

                                                     Blanche Hanks,

                                                                   Brigette Byrd - (Judith Retsema)

                                                                                Ande Ryneveld

                                                                                          Kriztine Retsema, Shelly Lauppe, Kathy Haxton

The Reiki Principles

Today Only

Do not anger, do not worry

Today only, with thankfulness,

Work diligently and be kind to others



Q. “What does Reiki feel like?”

A. Reiki treatment has been described as sensations of heat or coolness, “pins and needles” tingling, vibrational buzzing,

       electrical sparks, throbbing, numbness, itchiness and even drowsiness, during a treatment you may feel some or none of            these things. After a treatment we hear comments like, leave me here forever, do I have to get up?, I am so relaxed, my            head feels like a feather, and that was the best nap I ever had. 


Q. “Where does this REIKI energy come from?”

A. Reiki is a self healing practice, more similar to meditation, the energy that seeminly flows during a Reiki treatment does not        come from the practitioner, but rather supports the bodies systems in finding balance for itself during a session. 

     This "energy" and the ability to self correct is inherent in all of us. Experiencing this during a treatment by an  

      advanced practitioner or practicing this daily for yourself can be awe inspiring, as it allows you to tune into your body at  

      a level that most of us do not do in our busy lives. Many practice Reiki daily as a way to manage pain or anxiety. 

      The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which has been translated as meaning "God's Wisdom  

      and/or Universal/ Higher Power" and Ki which has been translated as meaning "life force energy, spirit, and/or breath"


Q. “Is Reiki a religion?”

A. NO, Reiki is not a religion. While spiritual in nature Reiki is a "self care/healing practice" it is not affiliated with a religion,                dogma, or church. You are not asked to change your beliefs nor are those wanting to learn Reiki. It can be seen as a very          personal spiritual thing and many have attributed it to feeling closer to God if they are religious but the foundations of                  Reiki are not religious in nature. 

       Reiki is a self care practice for better health, and a treatment option (with standard medical care) for others seeking an                advanced practitioner.


Q. "What about Reiki and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops"

A. Interestingly Nuns in the U.S. and around the world have taught and used Reiki for decades.

       Links below will let you decide for yourself.  

       2009 Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy - Letter,  Reiki For Christians - Website   

       2009 National Catholic Reporter - Reiki: good health, spirituality - or only superstition?, - Article by Lauri Lumby Schmidt, -

       Article by Maureen Griffin,        

       PBS 2010 - Reiki and the Catholic Church (Video),   


Q. My pastor quoted scripture of "many false prophets" and said, "run away" ?

A. NO "prophets" here at The Shift Center, false or otherwise practicing Reiki.

          The Shift Center is not a "woo woo" place, much of what we do is very clinical, just in a much prettier  

           setting than your Doctor, Physical Therapist. or Chiroprators office. 

           We have many links, for clinical evidence throughout our website for many of our services.

           Including these for Reiki  JACC,, and New York Presbyterian Hospital - Video

           That said, "WE" (the practioners at The Shift Center) are not here to judge and/or change someones belief,                                  practice or health care choice. 

           We encourage ministers/pastors/clergy to visit with us, just call 620-290-0507 and set up a time

           for you and/or your pastor to see the center and find out what we "really do".            

Q. Will I learn about speaking to "guides" or "spirit" ?

A. NO! Reiki practitioners at The Shift Center do not teach you these things, our education, classes and Reiki shares focus on the clinical and personal health benefits of Reiki. There are many forms/styles/interpretations of Reiki by others we are not here to judge, only educate

Q. “Can I stop going to the doctor if I use Reiki?”

A. NO! Reiki works in conjunction with all medical treatments, Reiki practitioners DO NOT recommend you cease receiving

         conventional medical advice or treatment in favor of Reiki only. There are no contraindications for Reiki.


Q. "If I come in for a massage or some other treatment will I receive Reiki?"
A. NO, Everyone here at The Shift Center honors each clients request, religious beliefs, personal and energetic space. We do
        not impose or use other therapies that have not been previously asked about and discussed. We do have clients come in
        for massage that request Reiki "on" during their session, there is no additional charge for this.
Q. “Can I treat myself with Reiki?” 

A. Yes you can! Reiki, helps to promote better sleeping habits and so much more! You can also treat family & friends.

          Click Here for class information.


Q. “Can anyone learn Reiki?”

A. Again, yes! Actually WE ALL already have this innate ability; Learning Reiki will bring about a greater focus of awareness

       that can be learned by anyone. Adult, child, male, female, skeptics and believer alike - Click Here for class information.


Q. “Can Reiki be used at a distance?”

A. Yes


Q. “What are Reiki Symbols?”

A. The Reiki symbols are simply tools the advanced practitioner uses as focus points during a session.


Q. “Is Reiki dangerous?”

A. NO, Reiki is not an intrusive or invasive treatment. Reiki is used often in some very prominent hospitals. Reiki is also

       currently being researched. Here is a great Research Link from Yale University that shows patients who were treated with

       Reiki had better outcomes than those who were treated with fake/sham Reiki. CLICK HERE 


Q. "Are there any other benefits of receiving Reiki aside from physical ones?"

A. Yes, Reiki works on all levels, Mental, Spiritual, Physical & Emotional.

       Most all clients feel less stressed, more centered, a feeling of wellbeing, and can even have intense visual or spiritual

       experiences while receiving treatment. There can be releases of past emotional trauma as the Reiki can begin to dissolve

       blocks which have been stored in the body at an energetic and or cellular level. 


Q. What is a Reiki Share?

A.  Reiki Shares are when practitioners from around SW Kansas come together to share treatments with one another and  

      guests . 

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