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Management, Treatment & Education

Lymphedema Information:

Insurance & Local Services Provided


  • Secondary Lymphedema is a serious conversation to have with your Oncologist, Surgeon, and Family Physician.


  • It is important that you become educated about this subject if you have had ANY lymph nodes removed or Radiation to the axillary area (underarm), as many women only receive limited information.


  • This condition can be managed, and the earlier you seek treatment, education, appropriate exercise, and self-care techniques the better off your quality of life.



  • It is important that your Medical Team refer you to a Certified Lymphedema Therapist after surgery & before/during radiation, for education, signs symptoms, appropriate exercise, and basic self-care, even if you are not currently having any symptoms. 


  • If you are traveling by plane or headed to high altitude areas for any reason you should be fitted with, and have ready, a compression garment to wear during these travel times. Regardless of being symptomatic or not.


  • Insurance covers your appointment with a Certified Lymphedema Therapist that is either working with Physician supervision or a Physical Therapy provider. You will need a Physicians referral. 


  • Compression garments are also covered under most insurance plans, this includes Medicare and Medicaid. You will need a written prescription from your Physician. Your Therapist will provide the needed information for your Doctor regarding the degree and type of compression.


The Shift Center Services


Kriz Retsema, a Certified Lymphedema Therapist is able to provide the education, treatment, complete decongestive therapy (CDT), manual lymph drainage (MLD), appropriate exercise, and self-care for uninsured clients needing these services.


  • Kriz's services are not covered by insurance, as she is not under Physician supervision or working in a Physical Therapy department. Currently Massage Therapists cannot  bill in the state of KS.


  • Your compression garments are still covered by insurance. 


  • If you do not have insurance, Kriz can work with you and also fit you for your compression garments



  • Kriz filled a much needed service for the Garden City and SW Kansas area, due to the only practitioner for 100 miles retiring and moving from the area.


  • Since her certification, Kriz is pleased to announce and refer her insured clients to the new Lymphedema Therapist working at St. Catherine's Hospital in the Physical Therapy department. If you have insurance please have your physician make your referral to the PT department at St. Catherine's.


If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Kriz at The Shift Center, for education, treatment, exercises and/or self-care, please print off and fill in the forms below.



Initial appointment is 90 to 120 minutes: $125/$170

Follow up or fitting appointments: $60 hr

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